Web Portal Development / Management

Expleos excels in web portal architecture, development and maintenance services through a savvy amalgamation of technology and creativity that ensures strengthened business productivity.

Our expertise allows us to build platforms that combine information resources and content dissemination functions to bridge the gap between businesses its partners and customers. To ensure compatibility, our web portal services are supplemented with latest industry spectrums and social networking capabilities.

What a web portal really does?

Stability. Success.

Web portal resembles a basket, where you find all the essential ‘eggs’.  Their purpose is to accumulate intelligent information from various sources on a single platform, where it is easy to access, use and share. Portals offer the preeminent web environment through an integration of various web applications for a larger user niche.

For businesses, the concept of a portal evolved as firms became the most frequent consumers of information resources and swift collaboration mechanisms. Complex working models and rapid needs of filtered information added to get a solution that delivers information and application resources to its stakeholders, all at the right time.

As a recap, web portals can benefit businesses in the following ways;

  1. Stabilized platform for information collection, filtering and dissemination.
  2. Caters to all the application integrations/compatibility issues.
  3. Reduces the essence of complexity from the business processes/systems.
  4. With its agile architecture, the scope is always open for further integrations.
  5. Avoids replication by providing a single-user interface for all business processes.
  6. Business to Consumer web portals allows businesses to increase outreach to their end users.

Why do it with Expleos?

Expleos specializes in developing diverse web portals over a variety of technological platforms to help businesses automate their operation, expand business horizons and improve collaborations with clients/customers.

We immensely believe and follow the ‘simplication-theory’, which is why our core focus revolves around offering web portal solutions that makes it easy for prospects to understand and digest your business goals.

Our web development team is geared with multiple technological tools across various platforms and can implement online solutions for your business needs. Our web portal development solutions include;

  1. net & PHP web portals
  2. Social Networking/community portals
  3. B2B and B2C web portals
  4. Coporate/enterprise-wide network portals
  5. LAMP-Based solutions
  6. Open-Source CMS
  7. eCommerce Platforms