Social Media Marketing

Social Media marketing is a new paradigm shift in the world of online marketing. At Expleos, we specialize in SMM campaigns to improve your online presence and revenue generation ability of your websites. By managing a successful SMM campaigns through various social networks, we allow you to focus your time and efforts to improve customer-base without worrying about your social presence.

Expleos offers complete social media marketing services for your business’s online presence. It involves a list of various activities including initial awareness, hype creation and lead generation activities on Facebook, video broadcastings on Youtube and professional networking and corporate reputation management at LinkedIn.

Is SMM really for you?

Unless you have a business that doesn’t need customers, you may not go for a SMM campaign. However, most of your prospects have an online presence, that’s a fact. Expleos geared with a team of experienced social media strategists help alleviate your online exposure by targeting those prospects via various social networks, blogs, online communities and business-related portals.

All our SMM activities lead towards business productivity by creating a positive brand awareness and loyalty. Here a recap as to why SMM is needed by all businesses to keep prospects/customers coming back.

  1. Unlike paid advertisements, SMM moves with a more natural pace. Instead of pushing vibrant advertisements and uncalled for popups, it tends to engage and confront customers directly to the business itself. This B2C bonding paradigm creates the utmost loyalty and positive WOM expected by all organizations.
  2. Social media marketing creates transparency and conveys a sense of commitment to the stakeholders. We all like to deal with companies who openly engage with its end users, make direct contact and collect feedback. Are you one of them?
  3. In comparison to the traditional marketing methods i.e. billboards, print ads, and media commercials, social media marketing is rather inexpensive and engraves a long-term impact among the users.

What it’s like with Expleos?

With Expleos, SMM is a complete different experience. Our team of social media professionals has been helping local & international businesses improve their social presence for a long time. Our SMM campaigns are based on successful business models adopted by large companies over the last decade. This ensure top of the line web traffic and online positioning.

Our services include:

  1. Chalking out the SMM plans and strategies
  2. Social Media Profile Management at Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and various other renowned social networks.
  3. Corporate Blogging & Content updation.
  4. Blog propagation over industry specific communities & forums
  5. SM community outreach programs/brand awareness campaigns
  6. Lead generation activities
  7. Online viral marketing via Youtube video broadcasts
  8. Social Analytics and complete ROI reporting