Search Engine Optimization

Approximately 2 billion people (30% of the total world population) spend most of their time online. Do they find your business while searching the web? Are you showing up in search results when potential prospects are hunting out there?

All other forms of media push impressions on prospects who do not ask for it. Search Marketing however brings people what THEY want to see (as they search for what they want, and are not looking at something they didn’t ask for), which exponentially increases prospect to customer conversions.

Plenty of companies today are using the online approach to improve their businesses by directly aiming for prospects via internet search accessibility, instead of wasting time and resources on collecting ‘not-interesteds’.

The rate at which new discoveries are made, new technologies invented and theories created – it’s almost impossible to keep up with this ever-changing environment. Similarly, the internet marketing atmosphere also keeps changing day by day. However, like all other things existent, Search Marketing also has some fundamental principles that will likely never change such as good, quality content and link propagation.

There is a misconception that as soon as you have a Website, people will start looking at it, and it will start generating new business. Getting a phone doesn’t mean it’ll just start ringing by itself – Websites aren’t much different. For people to look at it, they’ve got to know that it’s there, first.

This is what Search Engine Marketing does – It helps you establish a positive online presence depending on your products or services. SEO (search engine optimization) services help improve online presence through search engines. Statistics show that over 95% of all the traffic goes to the top 5 listings on a page, so if you aren’t showing up on the first page, then you are literally missing out on almost all of your potential customers. What you need is proper optimization.

At Expleos, our team of top SEO consultants is on board with the latest from the ever-changing world of search algorithms, specifically to impact your business in the most competitive manner. We employ a number of SEO tools and methods such as link building, social media optimization, search engine marketing, content writing, and SEO compliant website development to get you maximum exposure and superlative outcomes. That is the reason why, despite being an SEO company, Expleos IM has turned all our clients into our partners-for-life.

Our Website marketing campaigns, unlike others, starts off with understanding the complete business model and need recognition.  In the next step, our team researches and digs out the most suitable key terms ideal for search landings on your site. Subsequently, as the resulting traffic and sales climb, the marketing campaign also gets intense and diversified. We also provide you regular feedback on the campaign progress along with cross-sectional analysis, future projections and complete ROI reporting.