Online Advertisement Campaigns

With the largest user base, the internet has become a tightly bound interlinked entity where advertisements are as relevant as it is anywhere else.

Online advertisement or PPC campaigns involve ads creation, selection and placements on various other portals to derive web traffic.  These ad placements are preceded by a set of other activities i.e. industry information extraction, search term analysis, content management, projections for paid campaigns, and keyword bidding.  Supplemented with the natural search efforts, online advertisement campaigns are tailored towards a specific audience who seem to show interest in your product/service. It is about appearing at SERP’s top positions when prospects are hunting for relevant information.

Why is online advertisement a hit?

Internet has now become one of the largest places to be. People tend to spend more time browsing, shopping and communicating than they ever did before. Similarly, the effectiveness of online advertising has increased exponentially in the last decade. With online media changing so dramatically, advertising through internet is not only a necessity but also a very cost effective and optimized alternative to traditional marketing practices.

  1. Instead of renting billboard spaces, newspapers or magazines, online advertisement campaigns can be focused to a certain audience. This saves time, efforts and quite a substantial part of your marketing budget.
  2. Online advertising provides you with real-time results on your ad placements. This allows you to steer advertising content to the high performing area without incurring collateral costs.
  3. Flexible payment gives online advertising its cost saving part. Unlike traditional marketing practice where you pay for activities irrespective of results, online advertisements are charged only for impressions, clicks or qualified leads.
  4. Lastly, keeping track of online ads is much easier than in any of the traditional marketing activity. With the help of modern analytical tools ads can be improvised to get you better results and adequate ROI.

At Expleos, we put in our extensive experience of advertisement campaigns blended with new industry standards to get you a ground-breaking opportunity to build an effective online presence. Our online advertisement campaigns include:

  1. Pay-per-Click (PPC) advert campaigns
  2. Cost-per-Click Campaigns
  3. Keyword analysis and content structuring
  4. Banner placements
  5. Behavioral marketing strategies
  6. Social Media ad placements
  7. Newsletter Sendouts / Email Marketing