Facebook Application Development

Expleos offers creative Facebook applications with beautiful user interfaces to enhance your business processes using the world’s most engaging social network. Our application services are spread over multiple technology platforms ranging from Flash, Action Script, JQuery, .NET, PHP and Javascript.

Facebook applications open up to an extensive multi-interest audience. This inflates your customer base exponentially while increasing conversions and revenue streams. At Expleos, we build Facebook applications with fresh concepts, stylish designs and a commitment of ongoing support needed thereafter. Facebook is where a large number of your prospects are, by joining and engaging users you not only strengthen your brand name but also produce future advocates of your business.

For long we have been helping business, big and small, to get under limelight using social network integration practices. Facebook Applications being a part of this strategy has been deployed for various scenarios. Some examples include progressing public relations, spreading news and knowledge, making announcements, user engagement through browser-based games, releasing new products/services, receiving donations or just for stay near the customers and develop a sense of care and commitment.

Our team of experienced developers is geared to facilitate your business create a social impact with:

  1. Online games/quizzes/trivia
  2. Competitions and online gift distribution
  3. Brand Awareness Campaign
  4. Market place/eCommerce applications
  5. Social Awareness and Causes
  6. Fund-Raising Campaigns
  7. Application add-ons.